Procedure for application:

The applicant/citizen/ agency (private) whoever wants any construction or reconstruction under Sabroom Nagar Panchayat must get the Building Plan prepared from the licensed Building Planner approved by  the Sabroom Nagar Panchayat or AMC. The list of Authorized licensed building planner is given below with mobile no. The Building Plan must be prepared  as per the provisions of the Tripura Building Rule-2004 and its subsequent amendments. Otherwise the Plan application shall be rejected.

For any Government constructions (State/ Central) including that of the Sabroom Nagar Panchayat, there is no need to prepare the building plan from the licensed Building Planner. All the Central/ State/ Sabroom Nagar Panchayat approved or empanelled architects/ planners/ engineers can prepare the plan which can be submitted directly to the Sabroom Nagar Panchayat Office. Rest procedure shall be similar for government and private building plan approval.

Following signed Documents are necessary:

  1. Original Building Plan prepared and signed by authorized licensed Planner of Sabroom Nagar Panchayat or AMC (In case private building) and any Central/State/Sabroom NP, Government Engineer/ Architect or any empanelled engineer/ architect/ planner by the Central / State / Nagar Panchayat/.
  2. Land Documents
  3. Latest Tax receipt for taxation paid to Sabroom Nagar Panchayat

        Building Permission will be given on provisional basis for period of three years after the payment of the required fees by the applicant which may be renewed for again two years as per provision of section 125(2) of Tripura Municipal Act.1994. This permission is valid only for five years. After the said period i.e five years the applicant shall have to submit fresh application for the same Building Permission.

     It is mandatory for each applicant whose Building Plan has been approved by the Sabroom Nagar Panchayat, should give intimation to the Sabroom Nagar Panchayat regarding the start of construction work by letter which can be passed by the Sabroom Nagar Panchayat authority.


LIST of Licensed Building Planner of Sabroom Nagar Panchayat :

  1. Sri Nirmal Das, BE (Civil), Satchand, Sabroom, Mobile No- 8118957353
  2. Sri Titan Das, Diploma,  Manubazar, Sabroom, Mobile No- 9612983699
  3. Smt. Tamanna Deb, Diploma,  Damdama, Sabroom, Mobile No - 9862933971
  4. Sri Debabrata Karmakar, Manubazar, Sabroom,  Mobile No- 8118957353


Contact Details of The Building Planner : Er. Sourav Biswas, Diploma, Damdama, Sabroom, Mobile No - 8787637687